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Bloom is the first retail concept of its kind in Egypt that combines a multitude of departments and services in the areas of Health and Wellness (Pharmacy), Beauty and Cosmetics, and Mother and Baby Care.

Our Health and Wellness department offers a comprehensive pharmacy that provides medicinal, nutritional, hair care, skin care and body care products and services. Our Beauty and Cosmetics department offers wide range of luxurious products and brands of fragrances, perfumes, makeup and cosmetics. The Mother & Baby Care department, is a one-stop source, offering a complete checklist of only the best essentials, gifts and resources that range from strollers, car seats, baby diapers, cribs, nursing and feeding to toys and media, making the transition to parenthood not only easier, but smarter.

We reach out to our valuable clients through various channels and store formats. First, is our flagship store which consists of all three departments and each department has its own dedicated area. Second, is our Bloom Pharmacy concept that offers the best of each department with a focus on both pharmacy and beauty. Third,, our online store which offers a wide and comprehensive selection of products from all three departments providing a unique opportunity to shop and buy online in Egypt. We believe that offering a unique shopping experience both inside our stores and online is what truly sets us apart. The functional layout and interior of all Bloom’s stores have been designed to captivate visitors' imagination with every detail taken into consideration, bringing about an aesthetically superior experience. The same applies to our vision and execution of the online store.

Bloom’s contemporary model was the byproduct of a unique shopping experience envisioned by the founders, where customers come first and foremost in a positive environment, catering to all walks of life. After all, our main aim is to always HELP YOU BLOOM A LITTLE EVERYDAY!

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